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In 2015, we changed our approach towards internet marketing. We stopped relying purely on search engines or personal contacts. We got into social networks, and our engagement has paid off. By the end of August 2016, our sales grew by whopping 300 %! One of the turning points was an online learning course with Tomas Muzik and, of course,  SocialSprinters apps. 

Pavel Stein KrmímKvalitně.cz

What a surprise! Prior to the very first contest, we rarely even used Facebook, hence our expectations weren‘t all that high, but the app paid off much better than we ever hoped. Not only it met all of our goals and expectations. It‘s also something to look for in the future. We will definitely set up another contest and continue to reap all the benefits it provides.
Jakub Kořenek

Jakub Kořenek

Our company mainly deals with photographs and their processing. Photo contests are a traditional way to entertain our clients, but the photo contest app changed everything. Since we began using it, we‘ve moved to a higher level and the number of competitors has increased. Minor shortcoming of the app is that the result is based solely on the number of likes. We fixed that by picking a jury that selected the best photos irrespective of the likes count. Two contests in one I guess. 
Bohdan Wojkowský

Bohdan Wojkowský Foto Morava

Props to SocialSprinters for great apps and useful advice. Our monthly sales have reached about 1,000,000 CZK (excluding VAT). And up to  40 % of revenue comes straight from Facebook! You guys are priceless. Thank you! 
fotka reference plemlová

Petra Plemlová Unuo design

Apps from SocialSprinters are just great. They offer fabulous price-performance ratio. All it required to have one running was a bit of creativity. Besides that, we only configured some basic settings and put the app on our Facebook page. Piece of cake. If we developed the app on our own, it would take way longer and cost much more, that‘s for sure. Administration is so simple and intuitive most users will launch the app in a matter of minutes.
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Tomáš Haškovec

With the help of the Facebook contest, I got many new fans and all of their comments were encouraging. According to stats, every fan attempted as many as 10 times to guess the winning code and my e-shop visits jumped up by 13 %. If you‘re looking for smart advertising, look no further. The contest app will make people aware of your product in a smooth and entertaining way.

Leona Průchová Design Empathy

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  • Adjust it to your liking


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  • That‘s it! No programmers or designers. All it takes if 5 minutes and you‘re done

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